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Total Participant Sponsorship: $135,620.09
#NameSponsorship Amount
1.Badion, Daniel (Westport, CT)$5.00          
2.Banner, Howard (Brooklyn, NY)$25.00          
3.Barnes, Erin (New York, NY)$250.00          
4.Bloom, Kenneth (Greenwich, CT)$75.00          
5.Bloomgarden, Neil (chappaqua, NEW YORK)$0.00          
6.Boyle, H P (Darien, CT)$380.00          
7.Brener, Abigail (Team BAT)$920.00          
8.Brener, Alyson (Team BAT)$690.00          
9.Brener, Craig (Team BAT)$340.00          
10.Brener, Eric (Team BAT)$970.00          
11.Brenner, Alyson (New City, NY)$2,952.00          
12.Brocato, Davide (Armonk, NY)$60.00          
13.Brown, Michael (Rye Brook Riders)$320.00          
14.Brown, Michael (Chappaqua, NY)$800.00          
15.Chason, David (Mount Kisco, NY)$54.00          
16.Chason, Kevin (Rye Brook Riders)$145.00          
17.Cohen, Frannie (Rye Brook Riders)$640.00          
18.Crohn, Jeffrey (Mt Kisco, ny)$8,039.00          
19.Damas, Mike (CHESTER, MD - Maryland)$0.00          
20.Eisenson, charles (Saint James, NY)$50.00          
21.Eisenson, Deborah (Saint James, NY)$300.00          
22.Eisenson, Josh (Saint James, NY)$50.00          
23.FERRERO DE LOMA OSORIO, GABRIEL CRISTOBAL (Mamaroneck, NY)$0.00          
24.Funtleyder, Brian (Rye Brook Riders)$75.00          
25.Gaines, Stephen (Rye Brook Riders)$75.00          
26.Goldberg, Len (Rye Brook Riders)$200.00          
27.Goldstein, Bart (Mount Kisco, ny)$2,175.00          
28.Gordon-Brown, Marji (Rye Brook Riders)$215.00          
29.Guarino, Sandy (Port Chester, NY)$50.00          
30.harmon, dave (Rye Brook Riders)$2,650.00          
31.Harris, Barbara (englewood, NJ)$100.00          
32.Harris Farnsworth, Judy (Norwalk, CT)$20.00          
33.Illowsky, Susan (Ossining, NY)$150.00          
34.kadmon, yair (Rye Brook Riders)$250.00          
35.Kaplan, Steven (Rhinebeck, NY)$1,795.00          
36.Kaufmann, Horacio (New York, NY)$400.00          
37.Kolker Brocato, Lisa (Arming, NY)$65.00          
38.Landau, Beatrice (New York, NY)$6,305.00          
39.Landau, Laurent (New York, NY)$72,286.00          
40.Levine, Brian (Briarcliff Manor, New York)$1,000.00          
41.levine, ronni (Briarcliff Manor, NY)$0.00          
42.Levitz, Mike (Oceanside, New York)$770.00          
43.Levitz, Robert (Rockville Centre, NY)$25.00          
44.Lubinsky, Anthony (Brooklyn, NY)$100.00          
45.MacDonald, Tim (Framingham, MA)$643.00          
46.Maselli, Frank (Rye, 10580)$150.00          
47.Matsumoto, Julia (New York, NY)$50.00          
48.Matsumoto, Maximilian (New York, NY)$50.00          
49.mehlman, Barbara (larchmont, New York)$1,045.00          
50.Mehlman, Nancy (Larchmont, NY)$350.00          
51.Mensi, Dennis (Katonah, NY)$35.00          
52.Mensi, Susan (Katonah, NY)$40.00          
53.Meyers, Carol (Rye, New York)$316.00          
54.Meyers, Glenn (West Nyack, New York)$0.00          
55.Meyers, Ilana (West Nyack, New York)$0.00          
56.Newman, Jeff (Rye Brook Riders)$3,615.00          
57.Newman, Rebecca (Rye Brook Riders)$4,485.00          
58.Norcliffe-Kaufmann, Lucy (New York, NY)$300.00          
59.Oberman, Jonathan (New York City, New York)$118.00          
60.Ochs, Howard (Rye Brook, NY)$225.00          
61.Posnack, Robin (New city, Ny)$1,041.00          
62.Rappaport, Barrie (BUFFALO GROVE, IL)$1,598.00          
63.reichman, peter (rye brook, ny)$75.00          
64.Reichman, Stacey (Rye Brook, NY)$583.00          
65.Ross, Amelia (Bronxville, NY)$0.00          
66.Sagor, Gregg (Delmar, NY)$75.00          
67.Sarch, Danny (Rye Brook Riders)$750.00          
68.Schwartz, Steven (Chappaqua, NY)$1,718.00          
69.Segal, Richard (Chappaqua, NY)$100.00          
70.Siegel, Cody (Jack Posnack Brother) (New City, NY)$800.09          
71.Spalink, Benjamin and Christy (New York, NY)$4,293.00          
72.Starr, Gary (Rye Brook, NY)$600.00          
73.Thornton, Jeff (Croton-on-Hudson, NY)$35.00          
74.Thornton, Karen (Croton, NY)$40.00          
75.Vollmer, Ray (Rye Brook Riders)$120.00          
76.Wels, Andrew (Rye Brook Riders)$216.00          
77.Wolkind, Bryan (Rye Brook, NY - New York)$0.00          
78.Zeitlin, Andy (Rye Brook, NY)$677.00          
79.Zeitlin, Susan (Rye Brook, NY)$1,197.00          
80.Zingman, Barry (Rye Brook Riders)$900.00          
81.Zucker, Michael (Barrington, RI)$3,609.00          

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