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September 2016
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2014 FD Cycle Tour

Left to right: Elayne Slive , Lisa Rudley, Lexi Rudley, Melissa Slive, Ellie Slive, Mike Slive, Richard Zipperman,
and Kyra Slive

 Left to right: Jeff, Julia, Lisa and Rebecca Newman

The Tour de Foliage FD Cycle Tour started with the friendship between Kyra Slive, Melissa & Mike’s daughter who has FD, and Lexi, Lisa Rudley’s daughter. Melissa shared with Lisa, an avid cyclist, that the FD community was seeking help on new fundraising ideas, so Lisa suggested organizing a ride. After Melissa, Mike and Lisa assessed the hurdles and start-up costs, they moved forward and brought their idea to fruition. With the help of family and friends, and the Landau family, the Tour de Foliage was born.

"After the success of the first year and the years following, it is so thrilling to see that the Tour de Foliage is celebrating its 13th anniversary and cumulatively has raised over $1.6 million to better the lives of people with familial dysautonomia," Lisa Rudley said.

"We want the Tour de Foliage to continue bringing awareness of familial dysautonomia to the community while sustaining a fun-filled, exhilarating ride for both recreational and serious cyclists. It is our hope and wish that the Tour de Foliage will continue to raise the much needed funds for the Dysautonomia Foundation and one day very soon find a cure," Melissa Slive said.

Lisa, Jeff, Julia (21) and Rebecca Newman (19) have lived in Rye Brook, NY for 15 years. Rebecca is Case #513 ever diagnosed with FD. She has been treated at the Dysautonomia Center at NYU Langone Medical Center since her diagnosis one day before her first birthday. Through the dedicated efforts of the doctors at the center funded by the Foundation, Rebecca has been exceptionally well cared for throughout her life.

Jeff eagerly joined the first Tour de Foliage in 2004. Encouraged by the support of his community, the Newmans decided to become more thoroughly engaged as Co-Chairs of the second Tour de Foliage in 2005. "Each year since, this event has broadened its reach and captured the hearts of our community," Lisa and Jeff said.

Their hope is that the Tour de Foliage continues to thrive for many more years as a day of exceptional riding for dedicated cyclists and successful fundraising for the Dysautonomia Foundation.

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