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Treatment Manual and Halacha (Jewish Law) Books Now Available


Treatment Manual for FD Care

Familial Dysautonomia -- A Manual for Comprehensive Care provides an overview of nearly all aspects of FD care. A great resource for patients, families, caregivers and medical professionals, this handbook was authored by the FD experts at our NYU Dysautonomia Center.
One copy of the book is provided free of charge to each family registered with the Foundation and the Dysautonomia Center. Additional copies can be purchased from the Dysautonomia Foundation. Call or email us for details.

Please note: This manual is a reference only and is not intended to be a guide for clinical care. Treatment decisions should only be made in conjunction with a qualified medical professional.

FD - Halacha
Familial Dysautonomia and Jewish Law, by Rabbi Yaakov Eizenbach with help from our experts at the Hadassah Hospital Israeli FD Center, is available in English and in Hebrew.
Since the day-to-day care of FD patients is complex and complicated, and since many of the patients come from Orthodox Jewish families, over the years we have had to deal with the halachic issues arising from treatments carried out on Shabbat and festival days, and other issues connected to the encounter of Halacha and medical treatment. We turned to halachic authorities to consider the problems relating to all aspects of this disease and to provide halachic solutions.
Copies of the book can be purchased from the Dysautonomia Foundation. Call or email us for details.



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