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FD Featured in New Novel
"So Much For That" by Lionel Shriver
Explores Life Challenged by Serious Illness

From Lionel Shriver, acclaimed author of the New York Times bestseller The Post-Birthday World, comes a "searing, ruthlessly honest new novel about a marriage both stressed and strengthened by the demands of serious illness." (HarperCollins.com)
Shriver's new novel explores the human cost of America's current health care system primarily through a main character named Shep, and the financial aftermath he faces when his wife is diagnosed with cancer. In contrast to Shep's newfound hardships, the novel also includes a subplot featuring a character named Flicka, who has FD, and the trials that she and her parents have managed to maneuver for several years already.
So Much For That has been reviewed by several publications already, including Time Magazine, The National Post in Canada and the New York Times Book Review. Michiko Kakutani gave praise to Shriver's book in a recent review in the New York Times: "[Shriver's] managed to take an idea for a kind of thesis novel and instead create a deeply affecting portrait of two marriages, two families, as cancer in one case and a rare, debilitating childhood condition in the other threaten to push their daily lives past their tipping points."
One particular excerpt from the review, in which Kakutani quotes Shriver, may strike a chord of understanding for some parents of FD patients: "Though outsiders would never have guessed, Ms. Shriver writes, Carol was much more of a nihilist than her husband. She sat for hours numbly at her computer doing sales outreach for I.B.M., filled the humidifier in Flickas bedroom before fetching a new roll of Saran Wrap for their sadly plastic version of tucking their daughter in, and for years had risen wearily at 1 a.m. to pour the first of the nights two cans of Compleat into Flickas feeding bag all without any sense of mission. She just did it."
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Lionel Shriver
Lionel Shriver
(Photo: Eva Vermandel)

Ms. Shriver met with the Dysautonomia Foundation and several FD families while researching the book, and she thanks them in the book's Acknowledgements.


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